Dedicated to Creativity and Community

As a cooperative of experienced arts practitioners, we facilitate workshops, organise art events, create artwork, and seek to promote educational and artistic activity to inspire creative confidence and encourage active interaction with the arts in Singapore.

What We Do

Workshops & Talks

We're passionate about imparting knowledge, inspiring creative confidence, and encouraging artistic activity. We offer engaging art talks and workshops for students, artists, and avid dabblers.

Event Management

We organise and facilitate art-themed events; from creative social nights to exhibitions and community-based art activities, we cover everything you need to pull off a successful event.

Creative Consulting

As experienced arts practitioners, we offer our expertise for your artistic projects. We design programmes, offer creative direction and leadership, and provide solutions to your creative conundrums.

Commissioned Artwork

You can commission artwork from any of our artists, or even have us collaborate with you on your art projects!

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